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USA TODAY Best Selling Author, Author of The Club Inferno Series,, Jamie K. Schmidt, Paranomal Romance | Contemporary Romance, Stories of Power, Passion, and Self-Discovery
The Emerging QueensÕ Series
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It was easier to slay dragons back during the Crusades, but a treaty forged with blood strengthened their protections. In return, humans grew prosperous and plentiful, while the dragons grew powerful. Integrating into human society, dragons were revered as warlords and statesmen and as time marched on, celebrities and CEOs.

When the cult of humanity sacrificed a dragon Queen to break the treaty, they crippled the breeding process. A female hasn’t been hatched or shape shifted in over a thousand years. With the dragons looking extinction in the face, they are desperate for females. Only five Queens remain, each more corrupt and sinister than the other.

The Emerging Queens series will be released by Entangled Publishing.

The Queen’s Wings Book One
Photo of Queen's Wings Cover

   Carolyn believes with all her heart she’s going to shift into a dragon. Unfortunately, everyone else thinks she’s a loony. There hasn’t been a female hatched or shifted in over a hundred years. The five remaining female dragons are kept like Queens and are protected so they can keep producing eggs. The cult of humanity sacrificed a girl dragon a century ago and her spirit haunts Carolyn’s house and can possess Carolyn if she’s not actively shielding herself against it. The ghost claims that if they can break the spell, the female dragons will start emerging into this world. However, no one believes Carolyn about this either — until an attack on the dragon embassy and reports of dragons’ hordes being pilfered bring two Alpha dragons into Carolyn’s life.

• 2012 First Place Winner CTRWA Write Stuff Contest

Queen's Flight Book Two
Photo of a dragon

   Viola has shifted into a three headed-dragon. In addition to needing to learn everything about this new world she’s found herself in — like how to fly, a cult is trying to kill her. She needs to find a sanctuary and get protection while she acclimates herself to her new status as a dragon Queen. Her self-esteem after years of being used and abandoned by men has been battered so she can’t quite accept all the fawning the dragon studs are lavishing on her. The fact that all her exes and her father who abandoned her at birth are now calling her up has reinforced this feeling. When she accidentally binds a Queen hating dragon to be her protector, she has to prove to Sergei that she’s not like the other Queens or she might find herself facing the cult of humanity all by herself.

The Queen’s Dance Book Three
Photo of a dragon

   Margery used to date a dragon. So when she shifted into one after the curse had been lifted. She was able to adjust and hide from the dragon studs and go on with her life as an investigative reporter. But when she is caught taking pictures of a smuggling operation, she shifts to a dragon to save her from the pirates who are trying to kill her. They capture her with the notion to sell her to Champ, the dragon in charge of the lake they want to use to transport the illegal good. Champ rescues her, but destroys the evidence. If they want to stop the drug trafficking on the lake they have to team up. But Margery is a sky dragon afraid of water and Champ is a lake dragon who can’t fly. When her old flame flies into town, she’s caught between her old life as a human that needs to expose the smugglers and her new life as a Queen where she has to pick a consort and build her empire.

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