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USA TODAY Best Selling Author, Author of The Club Inferno Series,, Jamie K. Schmidt, Paranomal Romance | Contemporary Romance, Stories of Power, Passion, and Self-Discovery
The following short stories are available on the Internet for free. Please click on the links and enjoy.
Anotherealm Flash Fiction
3rd Place Winner
June/July 2004 Contest

Fate’s Honor
2004 Precious Cargo
2004 Graveyard Shift: Karma Sutra
2005 Nosy Neighbors
3rd Place Winner
April/May 2005 Contest

The Day After
1st Place Winner
September/October 2009 Contest

The Witches Brew
2nd Place Winner
November/December 2009 Contest

New Year’s Resolutions

Static Movement Online Fiction
February 2006 Gonna Get Close to You
February 2007 Silent Delivery
November 2009 Blown Away
January 2010 Faces of the Dragonman
February 2011 Changeling
A free audio download of her story “Invasion” can be found at freebies.shtml.

LiveJournal Stories
Tragically Hip
The Magic Circle
The Bully

  Author Photograph by Joey Jones.
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