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USA TODAY Best Selling Author, Author of The Club Inferno Series,, Jamie K. Schmidt, Paranomal Romance | Contemporary Romance, Stories of Power, Passion, and Self-Discovery

Static Movement Anthologies
By Mind or Metal “Cup of Dreams”
Static Movement Special Print Issue #1 “Gonna Get Close to You”
Static Movement Special Print Issue #2 “Silent Delivery”
Static Movement Special Print Issue #3 “The Rescue”
FLASH! “Seven”
Pot Luck “Dream Killer”
Mirror Mirror “Terror in the Mirror”
Hitman “The Emerald City”
Best Left Buried “American Idol”

Whortleberry Press Anthologies
Catty New Year “The Tiger Strikes At Midnight”
Whortleberry Summer “Vacation Getaway”
Santa’s Givings and Misgivings “Department 51”

Sha’Daa Anthologies
Sha’Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse “Breaking Even”
Sha’Daa: Pawns
“Soul Provider”
Front of Sha'Daa Pawns bookmark Back of Sha'Daa Pawns bookmark

Other Publications
The Next Time “The Tomorrow Garden”
No One Can Hear Your Scream “Precious Cargo”
Diamonds In the Rough “The Zone”
Best of Astounding Tales, Vol. 1 “Greed Must Die”
Astounding Tales 2005 “The Summoning”
Ragged Edge Publishing “The Heretic”
Shadowfire Press “Destiny Override” “The Night Commute” “Not for Sale at any price” “Nick’s Pick: A Tale of Good and Evil”
Astounding Tales “The View From Up Here”
The Haunted World “Rocker Girl”
Unpublished “The Missing Ones”

  Author Photograph by Joey Jones.
  Copyright © 2015 Jamie K. Schmidt. All Rights Reserved.